Festival Kids

Some pupils may be invited to perform in a dance festival team. With so much success in our singing department, our musical theatre pupils have been very busy and dance festivals have taken a back seat.

Festival StageNow is the time for other pupils, and newcomers, to build on the opportunity to compete in these local and sometimes national competitions.  Dancers can enter in a variety of dance genres, as a solo entry or with partners. No doubt many will have watched ‘Dance Moms’ on television. Please be assured that British competitions are not run with the tension and expense that one sees portrayed in the programme.

stage performanceThese contests provide a platform for the novice child to work their way up to elite standard and is a unique opportunity to improve on potential. These events appeal to the child who likes to rise to the occasion, or who may relish the chance to dress up and feel the buzz of performing to a live audience.

Children who enter festivals gain a strong work ethic, meet other dancers from a broader area and experience a broader aspect of the dance world.

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